Hello? Yes, This is Winona

This is a blog for personal interests. Mostly of the low brow variety and a creative vent for my frustration.


Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.

Hot damn!

First garden video! I was pretty shy. :I

A rant.



If you smoke cigarettes and you leave your filthy cigarette butts on the ground? Fuck you.

I hate you, you piece of shit human beings… Leaving your goddamn cancer trash in the dirt to poison the plants and the animals and the water.

Go ahead and poison yourself, I don’t care. Just don’t leave…

Protip for smokers: carry a fucking empty altoids tin. Deposit your butts in it to dump in a trash can when convenient.

As a former smoker, this. Even when I smoked, I threw my butts away. So can you. Don’t contribute to the problem.

On being a hobbit: My long term goals

Feeling my life lacking direction, I decided to set a 15 year goal to live like a hobbit. I want to spend my days in my garden working hard and earnestly, drinking homebrew and all the food I could forage while smoking my pipe. Novel, but from an educated eye, impractical and unlikely.

At this point, I’m out of shape, inexperienced and not in a position to own land. Even if I had the land, I wouldn’t survive on it. I’m a bit of a geek and a gamer and am for all intents and purposes, a small city boy. Any naysayers at this point would be right, and I agree with them. This is why I need to make myself into that person.

The first steps and years are to learn the core fundamentals of homesteading, permaculture and agriculture and, well, care of as many plants as I can learn while actively learning of their relationships. I have begun situating myself financially to afford the eventual move and be conditioned physically to survive it. In the event of a societal collapse, I must also be ready for such an occasion that I can survive that situation and be able to continue working towards my goal in spite of the situation. During this period I intend to remain employed and living 98% dependent on society on a gradual downwards scale. In this phase I begin gradually evolving my social life to develop relationships with the people I intend to involve in the process on a more or less permanent basis.

Final garden layout! The rightmost beds are unplanted as of this time, although I’ll be planting them in the next few weeks after prepping them. The upper left bed here was completely planted, with the addition of an alyssum border all of the way around it. The lower left bed is still waiting for seed potatoes to arrive and eggplants. I decided to seed start the chives, onions and bunching onions, so they are there for the next good while. Hope it works out! Germination is just beginning. I’ll have more pictures soon!

Frack burger in trade for veggie seeds :9

Frack burger in trade for veggie seeds :9